Trail Masters


flapjackFrom the Smokey Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and now to the Superstition Mountains, Flapjack has always had a bond with the great outdoors. But the legendary Superstition Mountains, Apache Trail and Four Peaks Wilderness have captured and held Flapjack’s full attention. Step back into history as Flapjack weaves the trails with the tales of the days of old. A picture is worth a thousand words – being there becomes priceless on one of his tours.


rattlesnakePhilBilly first set foot on the Apache Trail in the summer of 1966. He has spent years exploring the surrounding territory. In the early to mid-seventies, he was involved with certain individuals who searched for the Lost Dutchman Gold. These included the late Robert S. Jacobs, also known as Crazy Jake, and Al Morrow. His time in the Superstition Mountains included months of exploration on horseback and on foot. He worked with the Native American people throughout Arizona. This provided him with the opportunity to become familiar with certain cultural and spiritual aspects of some Native American tribes and the lands they hold sacred.


SmokeySince I retired in 2008 from Portland, OR I’ve enjoyed educating and entertaining tourists at places like Crazy Horse Memorial in Custer, SD and at Ruby’s Inn (outside Bryce Canyon, Ut).  Now I enjoy my winters in Apache Junction leading tours at Apache Trail Tours.  My goal is to have tourists leave my tours knowing and understanding much more of an area than when they arrived.


cjCJ retired from farming in Iowa in 2008 and moved to the Apache Junction area along with his wife, Dawn. He soon bought his first Jeep and started exploring the deserts around Arizona. CJ loves to be outdoors enjoying all the history and beauty this area has to offer. Now he is ready to show you why he loves this part of our great country. So come on along with CJ to see this beautiful and historical territory out and around the glorious Superstation Mountains.

Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie spent most of his life a horseback from rodeos to roping. Today he still team ropes and rides his horse in the desert. He loves to educate and entertain and has lots of experience: from operating a guest ranch in Colorado to the Sonoran Desert trail riding business he and his wife owned for many years. Join him on a tour for that special cowboy flavor he brings to every tour.

The Judge

The JudgeAfter I retired in 2004, my wife of 27 years and I moved here to Arizona. I enjoy the outdoors and the rich history Arizona has to offer, I try to learn something new every day. There is so much that I really enjoy passing on these lil items to all those I take out on tours. 

Dead Eye

Dead EyeDeadeye and wife of 41 years, Eileen’s first trip west from the East Coast was in 1982. It was a 6-week vacation loop of National Parks. After returning home they realized they had fallen in love with the Southwest. They headed back to Arizona following the work trail between Apache Junction, Mesa and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. They took their leave when the east coast called them back until they could retire in 2016. Then they hit the road again bouncing across the country and landing in Gold Canyon, Arizona. See if you can catch a ride with Dead Eye – he has a bounty of tales to share.


SidewinderAll the way from Vermont, Sidewinder has found a comfort spot here in Arizona. His 25 years with Fish and Wildlife makes sharing the information on our desert dwellers a natural fit. And as a retired first-class deputy sheriff, he is right at home strolling the streets of Goldfield dressed out in 1800’s clothing and munitions. Come on out and let The Sidewinder snake his way along the desert trails with you!